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Chair Massage in NJ & NYC

Mobile Chair Massage at Your Office, Event, or Party

Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy provides Chair Massage in many settings, from the office or other workplace, to parties at catering halls and backyard barbeques, even officer parties; we've done it all. There's really no place Chair Massage doesn't mesh well, and our Therapists are among the top in their field, making the probabilty that your guests will find our services to be (well beyond) satisfactory very high.

Chair Massage At The Comcast Event. Chair Massage At The Park Event.

Mobile Chair Massage In The Workplace

Mountainside On-Site Mobile Massage provides Chair Massage for corporate clients, as well as other professionals, in New York and New Jersey. We are established and reputable. We hire according to the most stringent guidelines, guaranteeing that our therapists will be proficient, prompt, professional, and caring. Our clients include some of the area's most well-known companies.

Chair Massage for hotel hospitality staff.    Hotel Hospitality Worker Receiving Chair Massage.   Chair Massage for hotel hospitality staff.

Corporate Wellness Programs and Health Fairs Keep Workers Well.

We travel to your location, anywhere in New York City or Central / Northern New Jersey. We bring our own equipment, set up, and take care of everything. As you would expect from a seasoned team, we work to seamlessly bring helpful sessions of Mobile Chair Massage to NY / NJ Metro area executives and other workers.

Chair Massage for executives and company employees.    Chair Massage for executives and company employees.

Chair Massage For Employees.

Chair Massage is portable, works wonderfully, and is appropriate in nearly all professional (as well as informal) settings, as well as types of events. Some of the work we have done has been with Real Estate Agents showing homes or industrial space; Home Health Care Aid staffing services for their team; Assisted-Living Center staffers; teachers at a nursery school; church staff; religious group meetings; student association meetings; movers; students; university post-grad and medical student groups; student life groups; fabrication plant workers; hotel staff; graphic design firm staff; IT company staff members; media outreach workers; executive teams at large companies; dentist office staff; medical office staff; and employees at Health Fairs and Wellness Events.

Whether you're looking for therapists to keep your team from collapsing after working a 48 hour stint, frantic to meet the deadline in eight hours, or are interested in a regularly scheduled appointment for yourself or your staff, the Therapists at Mountainside On-Site Mobile Massage will provide individualized Therapeutic Massage for every client. Modalities such as Deep Tissue are no extra charge.

Chair Massage In The Conference Room For Employees. Chair Massage At The Home Event For Guests Of The Fair.

Corporate Chair Massage in NJ and NYC

Chair Massage Is Also Great For Parties & Events

Chair massage at your corporate (or personal) event can make the difference between 'just another' gathering and something that everyone will remember. Guests enjoy themselves more when they have the opportunity to relax. The social factor is definitely something you'll find as an ancillary benefit. After all, events are social in all circumstances.

After many of our events, we've spoken with the sponsors, or individuals throwing the party, and found their feedback similar. Guests tell them how much they appreciated the Chair Massage, and that they're happy they made their choice of including the service as part of the event or celebration.

Hotel Hospitality Worker Receiving Chair Massage.   Chair Massage for hotel hospitality staff.

Hotel Hospitalty Staff Getting Chair Massage During Housekeeping Week.

No Oils or Disrobing Nesessary!

Chair Massage differs from massage on a table or Shiatsu mat in that the client is not lying on their backs (supine), but rather facing forward, angled downward slightly in a seated position, almost like riding a motorcycle. At more reserved events, when guests would feel uncomfortable lying on a table or mat, chair massage is the best choice. Additionally, no oils are used. This means that expeinsive clothing will not be stained, nor will guests be required to walk around soaked in massage oils. And of course, there is never a need to disrobe; Chair Massage is performed right through the clothes.

Chair Massage In The Conference Room For Pride In Foodservice Week   Chair Massage at Work For The Housekeeping Staff At The Manhattan Hotel   Chair Massage for Employee Appreciation Day At The Mahwah Shipping Center.

Chair Massage In The Office

Onsite Chair Massage is always appropriate for the office setting. Studies have shown Chair Massage to be a great way to both keep workers well, and keep productivity high. Usually, a spare office is set aside, but it could be done anywhere. (Ideally, a hallway will not be your choice, as there are likely better locations within your workspace that would provide greater privacy!) Regularly scheduled sessions can benefit your office staff. Discounts are available. Payment plans where the staff pays (either a percentage of the cost, or the total) are sometimes used, as is the option of massage after work, at the office.

For massage right at your employees' own desks or workstations, we provide Mobile Desk Massage, without the use of a massage chair, table or mat. We employ a tabletop massage support instead. This is useful for companies in the middle of a high-intensity workload, such as accountanting firms during tax season or a PR firm up against a deadline. Employees need not leave their desks or workstations; instead the Massage Therapists are the ones moving about.

Chair Massage is Wonderful For  Office Parties and All Manner of Corporate Functions.

Chair Massage is Wonderful For Office Parties and All Manner of Corporate Functions.

Sress At Work & Chair Massage As Antidote

'Chair Massage As An Antidote To Work Stress' Panel I: Monday Morning and Veronica Is Ready For Another Stress-Filled Week At Work. Meeting, with her team, the clients, and management. Workplace stress sucks. Now the client is angry and it wasn't my fault! Pushing Past Barriers, Meeting Deadlines.
Monday's workday begins and all is well. Then an unexpected call from an angry client on Tuesday. And another from upper management: "Check those accounts, please!"

'Chair Massage As An Antidote To Work Stress' Set II: Checking discrepancies on accounts on the computer. More endless work! The Company Server Down again For the Eighth Time Today. Feeling stressed at the office. Wishing it were Friday, already, because Friday is Chair Massage Day at our company!
Checking the accounts, and the search is fruitless. Why did that particualr client have to call right now?
As stress sets in, shoulders tighten, breathing becomes shallow, and attention becomes scattered. The jaw clenches. A nasty throbbing headache sets in. : (

'Chair Massage As An Antidote To Work Stress' Set III: Wishing She Were Back Home and Not Working at the Office Sigh. Still So Much More To Be Accomplished This Week. Looking Over the Ledger. It Looks Like Some Of The Work Left To Others Has Gone Unfinished. More Work For Veronica. And More Stress. Thinking about later, after work. Taking a peek through the blinds to the world outside the office. How si the weather?
Exasperated, after a records check, the only thing to think about is going home at 5 PM. Finally, a minute to relax!

'Chair Massage As An Antidote To Work Stress' Set IV: So Sad To Be At Work. Deadlines. More Deadlines. And, Of Course, Endless Stress. Workplace Stress. Thinking Of Nothing Else By 3 PM Than Going Home At 5! It's 6 PM! You're Home But Your Mind Is Still At The Office. Office Chair Massage On Friday Morning! Yes!
Waiting for 5 PM. 3 PM to 5 feels like ten hours. Move, minute hand, move! Thursday evening your mind is at work, but your body is home.
Finally, on Friday, it's Chair Massage Day! Yay!! 10:15 AM and the session begins.

Chair Massage As An Antidote To Work Stress' Set V: Workplace Chair Massage Soothes Employees' Ills! Massage At Work Helps Employees Keep Calm And Productive. Feeling renewed after the twenty minutes of Chair Massage. Ten Minutes After Her Chair Massage, Veronica Is Ready For Anything!
Workplace Chair Massage helps lower employees' stress levels, having a proven measured effect on blood markers. After a blissful twenty minutes, feeling ready for the next onslaught of work with new focus and energy for the remainder of the day! And on Monday, still feeling enthused about the very thing that had caused stress only days before.



Please click on the '@ Contact Us' button at bottom-left to access our inquiry form, or use the button at the top of this page. Feel free to also call us at 877 480 8038 for more information or to book an appointment.

Cash, PayPal, CashApp, GooglePay, Credit Cards, and Gift Certificates accepted. Insurance plans accepted: County / Municipal Health Care Plans (NJ), Independent Health Flex Fit, Preferred Care, No-Fault with Authorization

Note: We offer *strictly* therapeutic massage therapy. We do *NOT* offer as€nsual u'massage', in any form.


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